Customer Review Request Software for Medical Practices

Collect more authentic reviews from your patients.
Our patient feedback request tool allows you to collect authentic reviews from your loyal patients through email and text messages. Collecting reviews has never been easier.
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Customer Review Request Software for Medical Practices

Customer Reviews are Everything when it Comes to Running a Successful Practice.

Providing practice owners with valuable insights.
In today's digital age, what's said about a practice is no longer in the control of that practice. This control now belongs to the patient. What the patient says about your practice or your service is what people regard as valuable and true. Case in point, when's the last time you purchased something and didn't read the customer reviews before you purchased? It's a part of every customer journey in today's world. 

With Evolved's customer review request software, we give you the tools needed to get a volume of authentic reviews from all of your patients. 
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Customer Review Request Software for Medical Practices

Gather Feedback from your Loyal Patients with Personalized Messages.

Customize all messages to match your brand identity to increase open and click-through rates.

Reach patients by text or email to gather feedback effectively for a single location or across an entire multi-location brand.
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Reach Patients Any Way You Want.

Customer Voice offers frictionless tools proven to earn you online reviews faster and more often.

Mobile Kiosk helps capture happy patient reviews at the point of sale or point of service, when they’re most likely to leave a review. Use the Email Signature Widget to proactively ask for feedback in every email you send.
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Customer Review Request Software for Medical Practices
Customer Review Request Software for Medical Practices

Collect Reviews on Sites that Make an Impact.

Glowing reviews help practices shine in the local search! Collect new reviews on third-party review sites, social media profiles, and first-party landing pages.

Never miss a chance to collect authentic patient feedback with the Review Generation Widget right on your website.
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Measure Performance Effectively.

Measure success with a conversion funnel, and track progress over time. Get an at-a-glance roll-up of your practice's success.
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Customer Review Request Software for Medical Practices

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LeJeune Integrated Medical Center
"We are very happy with Evolved. With an increase in everything overall, our practice has seen very good results from the actions they have done."
1000% Website Traffic
Website traffic increased by over 1000% with SEO.
350% Leads Increase
A 350% increase in new leads coming in the door.
The return on investment has increased an average of 10X.
Tonicity Health & Wellness
"We teamed up with Evolved Strategic Marketing this year and we are very impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail and prompt service. After a detailed review of our current system they immediately suggested changes and improvements to help our Medical Spa stand out and reach more customers. Evolved HQ is an incredible platform that has saved us time and money, we highly recommend their services."
500% Website Traffic
Website traffic increased by over 500%.
100% Keyword Rankings
Average keyword rankings doubled so clients can find them.
200% Online Directories
An increase of over 200% on their listing score.
Natural Health Center Clifton NJ
"We have been working with Evolved Strategic Marketing for almost a year now and have nothing but great things to say about them.

Their service has contributed to increasing our production and making us more streamlined. Ethan has been our main point of contact and he was extremely helpful and A to B in setting us up and is readily available to help whenever we need it. Thank you very much!"
108% Increased Leads
Number of leads brought in more than doubled.
350% ROI
The return on investment more than tripled.
110% Website Traffic
Overall website traffic doubled from their SEO campaign.
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